Agenda January 8, 2019

AGENDA  ​Burkburnett Development Corp.​​​January 8, 2019     8:00 am ​​501 Sheppard Road – City Hall ​​Burkburnett, Texas 76354 Item 1. Meeting called to order. Item 2. Invocation. Item 3. Roll call. Item 4.  Approval of minutes of the December 11, 2018, Regular Meeting.​ Item 5.  Approval of the December 2018 financials. Item 6.  Discuss and take any action necessary on committee assignments of Board Members.   Item 7.   Director’s Report.• Prospect Update  Item 8.  Personal Audience Comments to Board Members/Comments on Agenda Items.  Please fill out an “Appearance before the Burkburnett Development Corporation Board” form to address the Board Members and turn the form in beforeCitizens/Visitors Comments to the Executive Director. Personal…

January 4, 2019